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Need to order products through your child's envelope with the BC Autism Funding Branch/Unit?

We can help with the paperwork and payments.  

By working with us, you can instruct the Unit to pay Perfect Day directly.  

You won't have to pay and wait for reimbursement.  We'll do the waiting for you.

   In order for us to get started, we need a copy of the JFE (Justification for Equipment/Supplies).

If your JFE has been approved please send us a copy of that as well.

You can find a blank example of the JFE  here.

Next we will do up a QUOTE for you.

Once you approve the QUOTE,  we will help you fill out the Request To Pay (or RTP).

This completed form along with our QUOTE is submitted to the Funding Unit, either manually via email or through the My Family Services Parent Portal.

Once we receive APPROVAL OF OUR QUOTE FROM THE AFU, we can deliver the order to you. And that's it!

We act in the strictest confidence.  If we need to contact your child's therapist, we always request permission. We have worked with numerous families this way and all have been very pleased with the process.

Call (250.217-9875) or email us if you have any questions.

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Our goal is simple: to give parents of special needs children a local site where they can purchase tools, clothing, games and toys that will assist and aid their children on their life's journey.

We primarily serve the Greater Victoria, Southern Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast and the Lower Mainland, but of course we welcome interest from far and wide.

So please enjoy our selections and perhaps you will find something that will turn any day into The Perfect Day.




If ever you've ordered from Perfect Day, you know we will be able to deliver most orders within 48 hours unless we need to order elements of your purchase.  

Deliveries to Sooke and Central and North Saanich may incur a delivery charge.  Of course we can arrange to deliver to a friend or family member in Greater Victoria, or arrange a meeting point to save the cost of delivery. 




This can be used to put in your window or in your car.

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